We’ve been with this brand from the very beginning – from creating the name and logo, to collaborating with the interior designer, to designing invitations and publicizing the launch of the store.

Positioning itself as a new concept in baby stores, Tiny Footprints sought to differentiate itself from the many baby stores springing up in Hong Kong. Its uniqueness is that it is a place where mothers can breast feed and change their babies, network and meet other mothers, learn from evening seminars and get advice from other parents. Of course, they can also shop. The products are displayed in a beautiful non-toxic environment, and the space welcomes buyers to stay and mingle in a like-minded community.

This is a prime case study for the importance of branding – identifying a niche, sculpting an identity, and inhabiting a space in the public consciousness that appeals to consumers on an intuitive level. To this end, we created a unique visual and visceral stamp that is evident across the whole line of associated media – business cards, advertisements, door hangers, store posters, email marketing – even the shopping baskets.

Tiny Footprints is a name that reflects not only the items that the shop carries, but also the idea that the shop and the brands that it endorses aim to create as small a carbon footprint as possible. In keeping with the sustainable concept, we sourced oxo-degradeable shopping bags and collaborated with a LEAD certified interior designer who created the perfect space with non-toxic paint and non-harmful sealants. All essential elements for safeguarding future generations on this planet.