We specialise in building sustainable brands and work in accordance with nature of the universe and recommend solutions that support and sustain the planet whatever possible.

Creasians uses a unique process of brand archetype profiling to shift perceptions and define the brand personality of people, products and businesses. Communication materials are then aligned with right brain values, creating soul oriented identities to inspire as well as attract the ideal customer.

With award-winning work that is creative and memorable, Creasians provides integrated solutions that are also functional and strategic, keeping in mind the client’s intentions from the start.

Alexandra Yung ran her own company in Los Angeles before founding Creasians in 2002. Her international training and experiences truly define Alexandra as a global world citizen with a true understanding of East and West.

Alexandra’s vision is in creating Sustainable Brands that can benefit businesses, people and the planet.


Creasians specializes in creating sustainable brand strategies with right brain values, soul oriented identities and communication materials that inspire as well as attract. We believe that the energetic imprint of your identity creates a vibration that will result in either a positive or negative brand experience.

We work in accordance with the nature of the universe and recommend solutions that support and sustain the planet wherever possible.

Our 360 degree total solutions approach gives you peace of mind – whatever your requirements are. We will be your brand guardian and oversee production to ensure that every aspect of the project will be on brand, on time and on budget.